2017 Lincoln Continental – Luxury Redefined!


2017 Lincoln Continental – Luxury Finally Gets Redefined! Luxury is subjective, so is comfort and aesthetics. Would the 2017 Lincoln Continental make them objective? Perhaps not but it will surely have everyone swooning and nodding in unanimity. The 2017 Lincoln Continental is not just the phoenix, it is not the revenant and it is not exactly a resurrection. It is luxury redefined.

There is so much to fall in love with at the very first sight that you would find it irresistible. Check out the grille or the headlights, the sheer size of the luxury sedan or the accents. They all hit a homerun. And if you check the door handles, then you are likely to go down on your knees. Beyond all the fancy exteriors, the 2017 Lincoln Continental packs in a lot of punch and some amazing features.



Quiet Comfort. The flagship sedan is effortlessly powerful and elegant from any angle you view it. From the craftsmanship to safety features, there is nothing that falls short of impeccability. But where it truly trumps other brands is its notion of Quiet Luxury. You can drive the car in comfort, normal or sport mode. The sheer space inside the car would impress any and sundry. From the signature grille to the athletic profile, everything is designed to bolster your pride while offering you a quiet comfortable ride.

Welcome Embrace. Under the hood, the luxury sedan will roll out with an optional 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine capable of generating 400 horsepower and 400 lb. ft. of torque. Beyond the hood, you will be amazed at the lighting sequence. Sensing your approach (up to eight feet away), exterior lighting brightens. Door-handle pockets glow with soft lighting tuned to complement the vehicle’s color. A Lincoln welcome mat illuminates the entrance in front of both the driver and passenger doors. Once you are in the car, available warm ambient cabin lighting glows warmly.

17LincolnContinental_16_HR (1)

17LincolnContinental_17_HR (1)

E-Latch with Cinch. The 2017 Lincoln Continental comes with an E-latch with optional cinch feature door handles. You can use a simple button to pop the door open and the E-latch feature uses power cinching to automatically close the door and secure it as you put on the safety belt.



Perfect Position Seats. If all the lovely features and the interior décor fall short to impress you, then the available 30-way perfect position seats will certainly blow you away. The kind of seats that you find in private jets and extremely pricey office furniture will greet you in the 2017 Lincoln Continental. The seats can be adjusted in thirty ways to account for the height, body shape and personal preference of the occupant. The seats offer available heating and cooling, massage and independent thigh extensions – resulting in an overall more refreshing and enjoyable ride.

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