Driving Shoes – How To Wear Them

Union Street Suede all colors

Driving shoes or driving moccasins are a contemporary version of the traditional Native American moccasin. As the name suggests, driving shoes are best worn when you are driving. However they also make for great casual shoes and are perfect for the spring/summer.

Driving shoes are commonly lace-free slip-ons. They are made of comfortable materials like leather, suede and cloth. Driving shoes may also have ornamental laces (like my driving shoes pictured below) that do not necessarily help in fastening or tightening the grip of the shoes.

Unlike conventional shoes, driving shoes have rubber soles that extend beyond the base of the heel. They extend along to the middle or top of the back side of the shoe. This is to protect and cushion the angled heel that touches the floor of the car while driving.

Driving shoes are meant to be worn casually. Thus, they go perfectly with fitted jeans or casual slacks. I purchased these navy blue driving shoes from Zara 3 years and they still feel great. I almost always wear driving shoes with either no socks or loafer socks.


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