A Sweater Is Enough

spring sweater in grey by Mustafa Kacar

The first week of May has arrived. It’s getting warmer in New York. Thus, spring sweaters are becoming more and more prevalent. This can be seen from the streets of Milan to New York. People from all walks of life are dressing up and down their spring sweaters.

spring sweater new york street style 2013Spring sweaters come in various colors. They are also usually marked by horizontal stripes. The key difference between spring sweaters and winter sweaters? Spring sweaters are a lot thinner and less chunkier. This makes them very versatile and stylish too. That is why spring sweaters should be a staple to any well dressed man’s wardrobe. I bought my silk/cotton blend spring sweater from Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s perfect. It provides the right amount of warmth while remaining very breathable.

spring sweater photo in new york street style blogSpring sweaters are easy to pair. They go with almost anything in your wardrobe. Some solid options for wearing it are: (1) By itself with fitted jeans or chino pants. (2) Over a button-down with fitted jeans or chino pants. Be sure collars are tucked in. (3) With fitted summer shorts.

spring sweater close up photo

street style thekacar blogSweater by Saks 5th Avenue, Button-Down by H&M
Chinos by Uniqlo, Sneakers by Kenneth Cole, Cap by New Era

Photography by Jamal Jackson

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