The Herno 7 Denari Bomber


With cooler weather knocking on our door, I’ve teamed up with the folks at GQ to bring you a great Autumn/Winter outerwear option – the Henro 7 Denari bomber. If you’re not familiar with Henro, they’re an Italian luxury brand that brings together historical sartorial tradition and incessant technological research.


As far as the Henro 7 Denari bomber I’m wearing, the keyword here is lightness. I never imagined that a winter jacket can be so soft and light. This is because the jacket is constructed of the lightest nylon in the word, only seven denier!


Additionally, the bomber packs a tremendous amount of warmth. The padding is a perfect mix of feathers – fine goose down 95/5 to which the technical feather was added – making the bomber rain resistant.


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