The HYT H2 Tradition


The H2 Tradition is the first HYT with classic guilloche finishes. This bears mentioning because HYT has always stood for innovation and has created designs that are the complete opposite of traditional. In the luxury brand’s newest model, HYT veers off from what the brand is known for. The H2 Tradition is the first series from HYT to have delicate lacquered dials and blued hands. An unexpectedly traditional styling touch that looks amazing against the H2’s cutting edge technology.

Like all of HYT’s models however, the H2 Tradition retains the hydromechanical aesthetic using a capillary with blue fluid that moves forward as the hours pass to tell what hour it is. Unlike the H2 however the H2 Tradition as a separate dial for the minutes and the hours. The company plans to release the collector’s item in a limited 50 pieces.


HYT is a luxury watchmaking company based in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Although just recently founded in 2012, HYT is already making a name for itself in the luxury watch industry. In 2012, it debuted with a bang with the H1. A wristwatch that told time using water, the first of its kind.  The very same year they debut, they received 3 awards: Best Innovative Watch 2012 at Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève; Best Concept Watch of the Year in SIAR in Mexico and Best Concept Watch of the Year at Watch World in India.

The company is incredibly proud of how they have managed to make liquids and mechanics go together. A feat only ever attempted by the ancients using the clepsydras or water watches, HYT has now taken the technology into the 21st century and turn it on its head so completely.

Typically allergic to traditional watches, HYT had no intention to create a watch that looked like a classic and yet it has created the H2 Tradition. A watch so classically beautiful you would think a completely new and cutting edge kind of technology was running it. Except for the blue colored liquid in the capillary, there is no way to know that HYT’s H2 Tradition isn’t like any other classic watch.

The Secret of Hydromechanics. The trademark of HYT is designing its watches to use water to indicate the passage of time. That technique has been used by older Chinese and Egyptian civilizations but is only now being used in luxury watches thanks to the innovators at HYT. Each of HYT’s watches have 2 flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end. This creates a system that has 2 types of liquid, one aqueous the other a clear viscous liquid that meet but never mix. At the 6 o’clock position are two flexible reservoirs made of a supple alloy. Both compress and expand interchangeably prompting the liquids, and the time, to move forward.

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