Uber – Making Life Easy


A lot has changed since quitting my 9–5 over one year ago and taking on blogging full time. One of the obvious changes is not having to go to an office every day. I now spend most of my days working out of different locations. As a big fan of craft coffee, I try to work out of different cafes as often as possible. This choice allows me to discover new spots while helping eliminate the monotony of “the office.” A huge part of keeping this routine going is Uber and I’ve been a fan for a couple years now. Whether it’s the convenience, great customer service, or cost effectiveness, it’s played a big role in making my life easier. For this post, I’ve partnered with Uber to break down why I love using the service.


Options/Payment Ease: I love being given options, and Uber does just that. The most common services include UberX (seats 4), UberXL (SUV/minivan), UberPOOL (share/split costs with another user), and UberBLACK (luxury service). Also, no need to worry if you forget your wallet at home because payment details are taken care of with the card on file. Your receipt will be waiting for you in your inbox.


No Waiting: Not having to deal with the hassle of hailing a cab or waiting in line is huge for me. Simply tapping “Request” on my phone will display my driver’s location and their ETA. The app will then notify me about one minute before the driver arrives.


Superior Customer Service: No matter what the reason may be, if you contact Uber, they will respond incredibly quickly. Their response time is truly second to none.


Checks & Balances: Passengers rate drivers and vice versa. This system allows for a high-quality environment on both sides, ensuring a great experience.


No matter who you are or what line of work you’re in, Uber is there to help simplify your life and make it easier to do things and get places that matter to you. So… tell me why you love Uber?

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