The Roswell Voyage by Schwarz Etienne


Roswell Voyage by Schwarz Etienne is a luxury timepiece at its finest. It is sophisticated and state of the art. It is sturdy by the virtue of construction and choice of materials, yet it is delicate with its grandeur and charm. Soft on the eyes and visually appealing in the realm of inexplicability, this durable and cool timepiece is an asset that you would be proud of.


Magic’s in the Details. Roswell Voyage is powered by Schwarz Etienne manufactured automatic movement, the same micro motor movement that also powers the Irreversible. Featuring the usual hours and minutes but also small second movements at 11 o’clock, the Voyage has a stainless steel case with sapphire crystal glass. The dimension of the case is 45 mm and it is 11.3 mm thick. Capable of resisting water pressure at up to five atmospheres, which is fifty meters of depth or a hundred and sixty five feet, the luxury piece comes with a black dial, brass hands with rodium treatment, there is a blue lining on the charcoal black alligator strap and the stainless steel buckle (foldable) sports the logo of Schwarz Etienne.


The automatic movement ‘Irreversible’ ISE 101.01 in Voyage with the de-centered micro rotor and mountain decoration is a secret highlight in the watch manufactured by Schwarz Etienne. The movement dimension of the watch is 30.4 mm and 6.3 mm thick. The power reserve will easily last for four days. Jeweled with thirty six pieces and a frequency band of 3 Hz, the movement is sandblasted and the bridges are hand chamfered. There are a total of a hundred and ninety one movement parts in the Roswell Voyage.


A Legacy Lives On. Luxury timepieces are supposed to outlast time. That is often a concealed and at times expressed desire of every watchmaker. The Roswell Voyage is not another new design or just a variant. It has undergone the rigors of impeccable scrutiny at every stage to sport the look, feel and functions that it now stands out for. Roswell Voyage is not a watch that goes down in history as luxury or vintage. It is history in the making and it would stand the test of time like few others.


Voyage marks the expansion of a relatively new series Roswell which was launched in 2015 but it carries on the legacy of more than a hundred and ten years of the formidable presence of Schwarz Etienne in making luxury timepieces. Game for a Voyage to claim your piece of the legacy!

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.

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