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First introduced in the market in 2012, the Seiko Astron collection has been one of the most coveted watch collections from Seiko. That said, the Seiko Astron can tell time by making use of GPS signals wherever you are in the globe. The first ever watch that Seiko dubbed as “Astron” was way back in 1969 and was considered the first ever quartz wristwatch that was sold in the market. Now, Seiko has once again revolutionize the way people watch time with the new Seiko Astron GPS watch.

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The new Seiko Astron bested the best mechanical watches available in the market by recognizing all 39 time zones. This new breakthrough by Seiko is an analog, solar-powered watch that can effortlessly receive satellite signals making it possible to adjust to the most accurate time anywhere in the globe. This amazing technological innovation in the watch industry can perform two basic types of operations. First, the Seiko Astron can display accurate time by automatically and manually syncing to a single satellite. On the other hand, it can also sync to four satellite signals to change time zone.

seiko astron with grey gq blazer

Just by simply pressing a button, the Astron can pinpoint the location’s precise longitude and latitude within 30 seconds while calculating which of the 39 time zones you’re currently at. It can also easily adjust for Daylight Savings Time as you wish. The face of the watch also functions as a solar panel that powers up the device. Hence, it is crucial that there’s an open sky to properly receive GPS signal and to operate effectively.

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The watch’s design is inspired by the Earth’s curvature. It sports an elegant and classic look with the help of sapphire crystals. It has a bezel made from high quality ceramics material. The new Seiko Astron watch will surely not disappoint in the looks department.

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Despite the new Seiko Astron’s technological innovation, it can’t be an alternative to the sophisticated instruments for timekeeping used by those who want it such as aviators and sailors. However, this can be an amazing jewelry and timekeeping device that is worthy of investment. Seiko has proven time and again that they are one of the leaders in timekeeping technology.

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