The Standard Rucksack by MIFLAND


Rooted in true American craftsmanship, MIFLAND takes significant strides to focus on details of everything it creates. They use several assortments of leather that range from 3 ounces to 8.5. Most pieces are cut and assembled by hand, which translates to a uniqueness specific to the leather used. There are many ways to stitch together leather, but the most effective has become a signature at MIFLAND . The figure eight method is a method that involves heavy-duty waxed thread and a back and forth stitch. This combination of material and process ensures durability. All items are  bound together using heavy duty waxed thread. Using this combination of materials ensures both durability and rugged-ness.

Here I’m rockin’ The Standard Rucksack in peanut butter / chestnut color. MIFLAND uses a natural vegetable leather that will wear over time and with sun light and weather exposure will begin to transform to the conditions you expose it to. The rucksack features a top handle as an alternative to back wear and full adjustable back straps for optimal comfort. Feel free to let me know what you all think!




Jacket by Mavi, Pants/Tie by Uniqlo, Bag by Mifland, Shoes by Paruno

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