Stylish Izmir: Part 3/3 – Konak Pier

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The Konak Pier was designed by the famous French engineer Gustave Eiffel and inaugurated in 1890 at the port of Izmir, Turkey. The pier is about a 5 minute walk from Konak Square and the Izmir Clock Tower, mentioned here.

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The Konak Pier was originally built as a warehouse during the renewal of Izmir’s portuary infrastructures, which began in 1867. Since then the Konak Pier has been used as French Customs, Izmir Customs, fish market and parking lot.

Konak Pier 1867 yılında İzmir limanının alt yapısı yenilenmeye başlandığında depo olarak kullanılmak için yapılmıştır. O zamandan beri Fransız gümrüğü, İzmir gümrüğü, balık marketi ve otopark olarak kullanılmıstır.

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The Konak Pier was thoroughly restored starting from 2003 and was opened as a shopping center in 2004. Today the shopping center features a state of the art movie theater, as well as seaside cafes and restaurants.

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Shorts & Sneakers by H&M, Shirt by Uniqlo, Hat by NYC Street Vendor

Photography by Nazmi Ozturk


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