Stylish Izmir: Part 1/3 – Clock Tower

thekacar mens style blog h&m summer shorts worn by mustafa kacar

These photos were taken in Konak Square, in the city center of Izmir, Turkey. The symbol of the city is the historic clock tower built in 1901 and designed by Levantine French architect Raymond Charles Pere. The tower was built to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamid II accession to the thrown. The clock itself was a gift from German Emperor Charles Wilhelm II. The tower features four fountains and is 82 feet high.

h&m blue summer shorts with mens style dapper look

silk summer pocket square uniqlo blazer camel for thekacar mens style blog

h&m brown leather belt and blue shorts

brown tassel loafers from brassboot thekacar style blog

izmir saat kulesi thekacar blog

Blazer by Uniqlo, Shorts & Pocket Square by H&M, Shirt by Stafford, Shoes by Brass Boot

Photography by Nazmi Ozuturk

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