Corduroy Suit Separates

stylish men's spring clothing
So the other day, Ariel (photographer) and I were walking around TriBeCa looking for a good area for our next shoot. We just happen to stumble upon this cool bridge with great shadows and awesome overall colors. Sometimes the best shoots are the ones that aren’t really planned.

stylish h&m men's clothing for the spring weather

I wanted to rock my cord blazer from my suit here before the weather really starts warming up in NYC. It’s been consistently in the 50’s, and in my opionion it’s the perfect weather for a cord jacket. I could probably get away with it for roughly another 2 weeks or so.

photo of mustafa kacar looking stylish in spring clothing for menswear in new york city

If you’d like to maximize your wardrobes potential, then I recommend separating your suit/s. Modern suit jackets are cut like blazers anyway, so no body will be able to tell the difference. Plus, it’s fun as you’ll add so much versatility to your outfits without having to purchase new clothes.

dapper spring blazer tie clothing for men

grey spring knit tie with cord blazer by zara for spring men's style

floral pocket square for men perfect for spring summer attire in new york city menswear blog astute attire

dapper spring loafers in oxblood leather for men

Pants/Jacket by H&M, Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger, Tie by Alfani, Shoes: Thrifted

Photography by Ariel D. Romero


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