Summer Wedding Style: The Khaki Suit


It’s here again, wedding season! When it feels like everyone on the planet (except for you) is getting married. I personally have 3 weddings to attend by the end of August so I’ve been thinking about what to wear.

Dressing for a summer wedding can be a bit more tricky than a winter one, where a tuxedo or dark suit is pretty much the only way to go. Also, a tuxedo is meant to be worn after dark. Thus, if you’re attending a wedding outside or at the beach, while the sun is still out, it simply will not be appropriate.


As far as fabrics go, linen or cotton are always great options for the summer because they are both practical and elegant. These materials are preferred because of their ability to keep the wearer cool and comfortable in hot and humid conditions.

Now let’s look at color. I really like a suit in khaki, as it’s a timeless, fool proof option that’s perfect for summer weddings. Since khaki is light in color, it reflects the heat rather than absorbing it thereby helping one to keep comfortable and presentable.

summer wedding bow tie

Because it’s a summer wedding, and the khaki suit gives you such a clean color palette, you can add some flare to your outfit by choosing accessories in stylish patterns and colors. For example, gingham checks or polka dots are a great patterns to add flare to your summer wedding outfit.

Finally, one major thing to look out for when dressing for a summer wedding is to not outshine the groom. The key is to look understated, yet stylish. Remember this day is meant for the bride and groom, not you.


 Suit by J.Crew, Shirt by Stafford, Bowtie by H&M, Shoes by Ferragamo

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