The Louis Moinet Memoris


For more than 200 years, Swiss watchmakers at Louis Moinet have been responsible for creating some of the most impressive timepieces ever made available for sale. The originators behind the chronograph,  the craftsmen at Louis Moinet epitomize everything that the Swiss family of time piece movements have come to stand for.

In celebration of that first ever chronograph coming to life in 1816, Louis Moinet has decided to launch a brand new timepiece – the Memoris – to commemorate the bicentennial. This design hasn’t seen the light of day in 200 years, and while it shares a number of elements with the original chronograph produced by Louis Moinet, it’s an entirely new movement that takes advantage of two centuries worth of watchmaking experience.


Three elements were paramount in the minds of the designers and craftsmen behind the Memoris  Project:

  • To make sure that the entire chronograph function was visible from the dial side of the watch (a first in the history of watchmaking)
  • To produce a chronograph free from add-on modules (a truly integrated piece) and
  • To design a watch that would not only reflect well on the past two hundred years of watchmaking excellence at Louis Moinet, but also to point the way forward as well

The biggest challenge was creating an integrated chronograph that would not only completely functional but also beautifully designed. Because watchmakers have always (up until now) buried parts of the movement behind dial covers and other face elements, most movements just aren’t designed with aesthetics in mind.

Nothing could be further from the truth with the new Memoris. Each cog in the movement was delicately designed by expert craftsmen (many with decades of experience at Louis Moinet) so that they would not only be able to produce truly accurate time keeping results, but also to project the kind of luxury look and feel that Louis Moinet have come to embody.

Setting the yoke was a real challenge, but thanks to the completely custom to Memoris wheels (made specifically for this movement and this movement alone), the project moved along quite smoothly. The inclusion of the “Energie Plus” module allows this automatic watch to self-wind up to 30% faster than any other chronograph out there, but it also improves the long term accuracy of this watch as well.

As exclusive a timepiece as any ever produced by Louis Moinet, the Memoris has been nominated for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva. This is only timepiece that could reasonably represent the 200 years of history Louis Moinet has enjoyed while still shining a bright light on its future.

I’ve partnered up with the Louis Moinet brand to write this article and every word is mine.

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    William Whitehead

    Very elegant and distinguished. A sincerely must have.

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