The Spread Collar

DSC_9498-4(1)Once a favorite of the Duke of Windsor, the spread collar is popular among well dressed men because it can make an effortless yet elegant statement. As the name suggests, the spread, or distance between the collar points, is wider than usual. However, this type of shirt collar can come in various widths and angles. Other variations include the cutaway or Windsor collar.

The spread collar looks best on individuals with a slimmer build, or men with narrow or oval faces, as it balances the body’s vertical lines. Straight or long point collars will only emphasize a longer face and look out of proportion.

As far as tie knots go, the spread collar provides the perfect frame for larger knot ties such as the half or full Windsor or pratt knot.

Having said that, I think spread collar shirts look great without a tie, too. One should not be afraid to try one without neckwear and a pair of slim fit jeans or chinos. Due to how high the collar is cut, the cut or tappering helps anchor the collar. Just make sure you keep everything erect with collar stays.


Jacket by J.Crew, Shirt by Uniqlo, Pants by H&M
Tie by John Varvatos, Shoes: Thrifted

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