Stylish Izmir: Part 2/3 – Usakizade Mansion

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Photos were taken at the Usakizade Mansion. Built in the year 1860, the Usakizade Mansion is located in the Goztepe neighborhood in Izmir, Turkey. The mansion consists of a basement, first floor and second floor. The basement was reserved for the maids and pantry area. The first floor features a living room, dining room and governess area. The second floor has four bedrooms and two living rooms.

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The founder of the modern day Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk first came to the Usakizade Mansion during the Turkish War of Independence in September 1922. He stayed here for 16 days and while used the mansion as the centeral headquarters of the commander in chief. During this time many local and foreign statesmen came to visit the Turkish leader.

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Photography by Nazmi Ozuturk

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