The Victorinox I.N.O.X.


What do you call something that can survive a 64-ton tank driving over it, resist temperature variations from -51 degrees to +71 degrees Celsius, and 12G forces of acceleration and deceleration? You could be forgiven for saying “Superman!”, but the correct answer would be the new watch introduced by the celebrated Swiss watchmaker Victorinox aptly named I.N.O.X. The name is apt in many ways as inox, in French means Stainless Steel, which was used by Victorinox (founded in 1884) to manufacture the Swiss Army Knife which is their traditional business. The watch by itself is a simple way to accent a man’s outfit, indeed it can be informally called a man’s “jewellery”.

Let’s check out the important “WoW” factors which highlight the unique brand value of the I.N.O.X. below:

Style & Elegance:

This watch promises to be a lethal combination of both style and substance. The full stainless steel design is guaranteed to make a statement of class and elegance. With the dial and strap available in black, khaki, green and navy blue, it lets you match your watch to your dress (or mood). The subtly sculpted and polished steel is sure to make heads turn. Be it a casual party or a formal dinner, this watch is guaranteed to seamlessly go with every occasion. The Analogue style depicts luxury and professionalism.

Solid Construction:

Designed to withstand unusual vibration, shock and temperature changes, it has been reinforced well beyond the standards of a conventional timepiece. To top it all there is a three year guarantee in accordance with the Swiss watchmaking industry standards. Right from the dial which is a single sealed piece to the axis and attachments which are solid reinforced, this is a symbol of strength.

The Brand:

A watch isn’t an expense, it’s an investment. So to choose wise, brand does play a role in the style and features of the watch. I.N.O.X. is a pledge of quality.The dedicated rigorous manufacturing, testing and quality standards of I.N.O.X. makes it an automatic choice for the brand conscious customer.


While this watch can make a style statement when worn to a party, it is equally at home when worn on an adventure trip. Take it along with you while scuba diving, or high altitude climbing and it is guaranteed to keep perfect time. So be it a high powered corporate executive or an adventure junkie, this watch is sure to be a faithful lifelong companion.

So if you would like to buy I.N.O.X. for yourself or if you would like to make a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime, please take a moment to ogle at this beautiful watch and get to know all the other cool features here.

In summary, Victorinox has managed to produce a versatile and robust time piece to celebrate their 130th Anniversary, which makes a bold statement about their peerless standards of quality. Wish to make a style statement? Well with this watch, you can definitely make a “Steel Statement”.

* I have partnered up with the advertiser to write this article but every word in this article are mine.

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