Zappos x Steve Madden

The modern man knows just how frustrating it can be to shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Afterall, we are all ridiculously crunched for time, overloaded with stress and pressure in our professional lives as well as our personal lives, and because we live in the middle of the most competitive environment that’s ever existed (across all spectrums of our lives) we can’t afford to slide behind the eight ball.

Unfortunately, this means that we usually end up settling for the same old online stores and buy clothing that might not be a perfect fit for our personality or style. Simply because it’s convenient, we lock in, load up, and press forward.

Well, thanks to Zappos, we don’t have to deal with that struggle any longer and here’s why!

The incredible selection that is always growing. Zappos has one of the largest selections of name-brand clothing from all of your favorite lines, across all spectrums of clothing styles. You’ll find athletic wear from all of the big companies as well as casual, formal, and special event clothing here as well. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to find something that fits perfectly in your wardrobe when you shop with Zappos, and more pieces are being added to the Zappos collection every single day.

Lightning fast (and FREE!) shipping. Zappos has always offered free shipping with every order that they process on their website, but since they have partnered up with Amazon, they’ve begun to offer even faster free shipping that gets you your merchandise sooner than you ever would have thought possible. You’ll be able to place orders on the Zappos website and get them within 48 hours, and sometimes even within 24 hours – without having to spend a single extra penny on shipping.

mustafa kacar wearing winter plaid suit with steve madden aziz boots

365 Day return policy. Because Zappos understands that there are always risks to purchasing clothes, shoes, and accessories online (mostly because you don’t get to try them on before you buy them) they offer a fantastic industry-leading 365-day return policy. If you don’t absolutely LOVE what you’ve ordered from Zappos, you can send it back within a year for a no questions asked and no hassle refund.

The best customer service you’re going to find anywhere. Every company on the planet promises the best customer service around, but Zappos lives up to those lofty expectations – and even exceeds! Google “Zappos customer service stories” and you’ll find article after article of real customers talking about the amazing customer service they’ve received from this company, with customer service agents going far above and beyond anything that most any other company will do. There’s even one story about a customer service agent spending almost 4 hours on the phone with a customer to make sure that they were able to get EXACTLY what they wanted!

Zappos x Steve Madden. If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers, oxfords, chukka, chelsea boots, or even some fun socks, look no further than the Steve Madden Men’s Collection on Zappos. Here I’m wearing the versatile, timeless and beautiful Aziz chelsea boots. These are one of my go-to footwear pieces this fall/winter because they can be worn with almost anything. Here I’m wearing them with a wool winter suit, but I can just as easily style them with some skinny jeans! And many of the other Steve Madden’s are just as versatile, making it easy to take your look from a day at work to a night out seamlessly. Yes!

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